Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Tracking the price

Amazon usually has good prices but even here they fluctuate sometimes so if you are patient you can wait for a better deal that you can get today. In order to do that you can either obtain a Firefox or Chrome plugin that does that for you, or you can go directly to the source: add a product to your shopping cart. Then, whenever you come back and revisit your shopping cart you will get a notice if the price of the item has changed. You can also set up price alerts.

Today’s Deals

You can make a good deal by looking at Amazon’s daily deals. At the top of every Amazon’s page you can find a link saying “Today’s Deals”. Following the link will let you see what great deals Amazon has to offer. Sometimes it is even 75% off. You can also try Friday Sale deals which are obviously available only on Fridays.

Lowest prices?

Prices on Amazon are not necessarily the lowest possible, especially when products are sold on Amazon by a third party. You always should shop around for the best prices.

Free App of the Day and Kindle Daily Deal

Try looking for those two. To promote their app store, Amazon chooses one premium app to offer for free every day. If you have an Android device, the free app space is definitely worth watching. Similar thing with the Kindle Daily Deal – you can get a heavily discounted books every day.